Criminal Sentencing

What is the maximum sentencing you are looking at for the crime you are charged with?

Offense Designation

Maximum Incarceration

Maximum Fine

Capital Felony

Punishable by Death


Life Felony

Life in Prison


1st Degree Felony

30 years in Prison


2nd Degree Felony

15 years in Prison


3rd Deegree Felony

5 years in Prison


1st Degree Misdemeanor 

1 year in Jail


2nd Degree Misdemeanor

60 days in Jail


It is important to note that this is a basic chart showing maximum sentencing for one charge at a time. You may be charged with multiple crimes and punishment may be stacked or they may run concurrently. Many sentences are followed up with some amount of probation. Being on probation allows you to be out of jail but is still a restriction on your freedom. While on probation, you will have to visit your probation officer every month, you will have to pay a monthly probation fee, you are subject to random drug testing, you are limited on where you can travel and when you can be out of your home, and you are subject to other freedom limiting terms.

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