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K.P. v. G.P.

Practice Area: Family Law

Outcome: Opposiong parties Emergency Motion to Suspend Parenting tIme: Denied

Client’s Emergency Pick up order: Granted.

Motion: Emergency Pick-up Order of child/Emergency Motion to Suspend Parenting Time.

Date: 12/2022

Investigation of D.W.

Practice Area: Criminal Law investigation

Outcome: Unfounded

Charges: Solicitation

Date: 08/2022

State v. C.M.

Practice Area: Criminal Law

Outcome: Dropped

Charges: Indecent Exposure.

Date: 08/2022

Y.M. v. Y.M.

Practice Area: Family Law

Outcome: Emergency Pick up order: Granted.

Motion: Emergency Pick-up Order of child.

Date: 08/2022

State v. F.M.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: Two charges dismissed, one charge adjudication withheld

Charges: Possession of Oxycodone, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Date: 07/2022

N.T. v. R.G

Practice Area: Family Law

Outcome: Motion Granted – Obligor to receive credit

Motion to Determine Arrears and Credits Owed

Date: 07/2022

B.M. v. M.M.

Practice Area: Family Law

Outcome: Agreement Reached – modified as requested

Supplemental Petition to Modify Parenting Plan

Date: 07/2022

A.S. v. B.S.

Practice Area: Family Law/Guardianship

Outcome: Agreement reached – child returned home

Petition to Terminate Temporary Custody

Date: 06/2022

J.N. v. D.W.

Practice Area: Family Law

Outcome: Contempt Granted – Make-up parenting time and costs awarded

Motion: Contempt

Date: 04/2022

O.H. v. R.S.

Practice Area: Family Law

Outcome: Agreement Reached – Marriage dissolved without trial

Dissolution – no children

Date: 03/2022

State v. J.H.

Practice Area: Traffic

Outcome: Criminal Traffic dropped, both civil traffic dismissed

Charge: Expired DL more than 6 months (misdemeanor), no insurance, unlawful use of a temp tag

Date: 01/2022

T.D. v. B.M

Practice Area: Family Law

Outcome: Agreement Reached – Relocation without trial

Petition to Relocate Child Out of State

Date: 01/2022

State v. T.B.

Practice Area: Traffic

Outcome: Driving on a suspended dropped, Speeding: adjudication withheld, no points, fines only

Charge: Speeding and driving on a suspended DL

Date: 01/2022