Speeding Tickets

speeding tickets

Most people know that you could show up to your issued court date for your speeding ticket and if the officer didn’t show up, your speeding ticket would be dismissed! In the current time of zoom court hearings, it is a lot more likely the officer will show up to help prosecute their speeding tickets. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get a speeding ticket dismissed! As long as your speeding ticket is not a criminal violation or a parking ticket, you can still get a dismissal.

One important factor in attempting to get your speeding ticket dismissed, in Florida, is that you will be waiving your option to remove points from your license via traffic school. If the ticket is dismissed, you won’t get any points on your license, but if the ticket remains after you contested it, you will have no other option to remove those points.

Pre-trial for your speeding ticket

In Florida, your speeding ticket can be dismissed at your pre-trial hearing or at trial. The officer who issued your speeding ticket will not attend pre-trial and many traffic tickets get dismissed at this hearing.

Laura will examine your ticket for the correct use of the relevant Florida statute, certain errors, and any omissions that could allow for a dismissal at your pre-trial hearing. Speeding tickets do not always get dismissed at these hearings but that does not mean it’s over! If it does not get dismissed, then we go to trial.

Trial for your speeding ticket

The Statute the officer uses on your ticket is very important. If you have to go to trial, the state will have to prove that you were in violation of the Florida statute the officer wrote on the speeding ticket.

For example, Florida Statute 316.183 states “In every event, speed shall be controlled as may be necessary to avoid colliding with any person, vehicle, or other conveyance or object on or entering the highway.” If you were speeding to avoid someone colliding with you, then may have been within your rights under this statute.

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